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You Need To See What These Influencers Wore To NYFW

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Don’t have passes to New York Fashion Week? It’s totally fine. It seems like most of the ‘fashion’ is spotted outside on the streets, in any case. Street style has become a major part of the 5-day event and, to be honest, we don’t remember what it was like without men and women prancing around in their sartorial best.

So while most people head to official venues to spot the latest trends and add new collections to their stores and wishlists, a lot of people pick up inspiration off what those in attendance is wearing. Be it an actor, blogger, influencer, photographer, or model — the styles vary from person to person, and there’s so much to look at and choose from.

Here are some of our favourites, keep scrolling!

When it’s so cold, you need to wear a hoodie AND a blazer to keep yourself warm. Props if it looks as chic and NYFW-appropriate as this one!


It’s all about proportions. When you’re going big on top, try to go slimmer at the bottom. Faux fur is an instant win-win at fashion week. Why? Because how can you ignore it?


Making a statement is important. In a city like New York where black is a dominant wardrobe favourite, wearing bright orange is definitely something not a lot of people do, which makes it all the more appealing. Also, don’t miss the on-point Dior clutch.


Yes, wearing a dress over your denims is a thing and if you don’t do it soon, it’s going to become almost too common. The great part about this look — even though there are so many different textures, it all comes together perfectly.


As you can tell, the off-shoulder trend isn’t going anywhere. Trust Aimee Song to wear hers during freezing temperatures. That’s called commitment, you guys!


Does it get any chicer than this? Black leather pants, a tailored jacket top, and a Chanel bag to match — it’s so New York and it’s SO stylish!


Bakwaas? Deepica Mutyala’s NYFW outfit is anything but! Any kind of wordplay is always a hit at fashion week and we love that Deepica brought some of her roots to the show!


The devil truly lies in the details! Wearing fishnet stockings under your jeans was already a thing, but having them peek out of your formal trousers gives it a whole other dimension.


Billowing, lacy dresses and oversized denim jackets are totally having a moment this season. How great does this look together?


Not only is this outfit highly wearable, the combination of white and tan is a universal favourite, don’t you think?


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