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This Navratri, Take Your Pick From These Pretty Jhumkas That Won’t Weigh Your Ears Down

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Picture this: it is the end of day 2 of Garba night and we have managed to stumble back home with exhausted limbs. We fuss with our ensemble to get it off as soon as possible, spending not a moment extra in the sweat-drenched cholis. But first, we have to painstakingly get the jewellery off, which are by now half lost in our hair. We get to the jhumkas and our ears are throbbing red by the weight of them. We wince as they come off, put on some ice and pass out on our beds like a warrior who’s won a million battles. While it is all so very glorious, there is one thing that we can compromise on. Our poor earlobes don’t have to suffer through for ten days, being weighed down by heavy jhumkas. But we ain’t gonna stop wearing them.

Pick up any desi woman’s bling box across all states in the country and you are bound to one common piece of jewellery in all of them…jhumkas! This celebrated piece of jewellery has been around forever. These precious pieces of jewellery are the first things that come to the mind when we are shopping for a wedding. They are also the choice of bling for dancers who want to add character to their look on stage. But, you can also find them paired with the kurta and jeans combo, college going girls finding a saviour in these dainty little numbers. What we are saying is, we love our jhumkis!

Fortunately, there is a middle ground we can tread on. Lightweight jhumkas that are pretty looking and comfortable to wear for long hours. Don’t just take our word for it, these easy-to-wear jhumkis are a favourite among celebrities as well. And there are three particular styles that are trending for the Navratri season. We have the classic silver jewellery…

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…the colourful and pearly ones…

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….and the indulgent ones on gold:

Jhumkas are about to rule our Dandiya night ensembles in simple yet effective ways. They also come in super handy when we want to keep our neck naked and the outfit in focus. This Navratri, we want these lightweight earrings and have found some pretty ones, on a budget!

Pearly Drops

Dark Silver

Floral Gold

Navy Blues

Fuschia Danglers

Temple Designs

Hoop Jhumkas

Gota Earrings

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