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7 Must-Have Accessories Every 20-Something Should Own

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Starting college and getting a crash course in “How To Adult” cannot be easy. You’re literally figuring yourself out, and among the many things that evolve over time is the way you perceive fashion. From learning to navigate trends to understanding what works for you and even refining your style, every 20-something experience a fashion meltdown followed by a fashion epiphany. Amidst all this, the one thing that keeps changing is one’s wardrobe. Nonetheless, there are some basics that need to be steadfast in your closet. And when it comes to your accessories, these seven essentials are all you to stay trendy.

1. A Mini Bag For All Things Essential

When you’re just out to spend a casual day with the girl gang, you need to carry a bag that doesn’t burden you. What’s important is that this bag is small yet allows you to lug all your everyday essentials. And that’s exactly why you need a mini bag.


Zara Mini City Bag_Hauterfly

Zara Mini City Bag (Rs 2,290)

New Look 70's Suedette Panel Saddle Bag_Hauterfly

New Look 70s Suedette Panel Saddle Bag (Rs 1,695)

Dorothy Perkins Tan Large Plait Sling Bag_Hauterfly

Dorothy Perkins Large Plait Sling Bag (Rs 2,250) 


2. Earrings That Go With Everything

You know, the kinds that will go with almost any outfit. An ear jacket is currently trendy, while these golden hook earrings will appeal to the minimalist in you. These pieces literally work well with any attire.


Pipa Bella Silver Kisses Ear Jacket_Hauterfly

Pipa + Bella Silver Kisses Ear Jacket (Rs 600)

Dhora U Hook Earrings_Hauterfly

Dhora U Hook Earrings (Rs 2,100)

Forever 21 Multi-Hoop Triangle Studs_Hauterfly

Forever 21 Multi-Hoop Triangle Studs (Rs 269)


3. A Classic Watch When You Want To Go Sans Bracelet

There’s nothing like a classic watch in a fashionable girl’s wardrobe. For those days when you’re rushing for an interview, a smart watch elevates your accessories game. Also, some days you just don’t want to wear any wrist jewellery, and that’s when you need a watch.


Esprit Olive White Analog Watch_hauterfly

Esprit Olive White Analog Watch (Rs 5,621)

Guess Guess Ladies Dress Two Tone Silver Analog Watch_Hauterfly

Guess Two Tone Silver Analog Watch (Rs 10,795)

DKNY Dkny Soho Beige Brown Analog Watch_Hauterfly

DKNY Soho Beige Brown Analog Watch (Rs 5,248)


4. Belts That Are Multi-Purpose

From jeans to skirts, or even a dress, the best way to accentuate these is by adding a belt to your attire.


Faballey White Skinny Couturier Belt_Hauterfly

Faballey White Skinny Couturier Belt (Rs 700)

Kassa Brown Leather Belt_Hauterfly

Kassa Brown Leather Belt (Rs 1,403)

Hidesign Red Akiko Snake Ranch_Hauterfly

Hidesign Red Akiko Snake Ranch, Red Belt (Rs 1,895)


5. Stacked Rings That Complete Your Look

Stacked rings have been trending for a while now, and it seems like they’re not going to be discarded anytime soon. If you’re one among the minimalists, this one’s your best bet.


Lyla Loves Stone Insert Stacking Rings_Hauterfly

Lyla Loves Stone Insert Stacking Rings (Rs 695)

Koovs Multi Pack Filigree Ring_Hauterfly

Koovs Multi Pack Filigree Ring (Rs 395)

Shoplune Waki Chevron Stacked ring_Hauterfly

Shoplune Waki Chevron Stacked Ring ()


7. Sunglasses For A Sunny Day

Fall or spring, shades are an essential in every wardrobe. And with a slew of designs to choose from, make sure you’ve got one that suits your face as well.


Pataaka Winked Cat-eye Brown Sunglasses_Hauterfly

Pataaka Winked Cat-eye Brown Sunglasses (Rs 1,499)

Dulce Couture Hipster Glasses_Hauterfly

Dulce Couture Hipster Glasses (Rs 700)

Madish The Style Bar Fancy Sunnies_Hauterfly

Madish The Style Bar Fancy Sunnies (Rs 1,450)


7. A Big Bag For An Important Day

While a crossbody bag is easy to strut around with, some days you just need a bag that is more spacious. And that’s when you pull out the tote in your wardrobe. A perfect bag to carry when you have a number of things to walk around with.


Mango Pebbled tote bag_hauterfly

Mango Pebbled Tote Bag (Rs 2,290)

Tasche Hand Handbag_Hauterfly

Tasche Hand Handbag (Rs 1,890)

Anonymous Co. Extra Large Colour Block Tote_Hauterfly

Anonymous Co. Extra Large Colour Block Tote (Rs 1,970)


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