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10 Fashion Bloggers From Mumbai You MUST Follow For Style Inspiration

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Fashion is no longer limited to industry experts — it’s pretty much open to all, which means there’s more room for creativity and inspiration. And taking this notion forward are fashion bloggers, who seem to giving us #FashionGoals that are possibly even better than celebrities!

There was a time when Mumbai meant Bollywood, and Bollywood translated to great style inspiration — but guess what? That’s not the case anymore.

Having the ability to influence and inspire millions, fashion bloggers are pretty much in control of style — giving each and every look they post a spin of their own. A more relatable everyday approach to fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel — it gives their followers a greater chance to be able to get inspired and motivated by their style.

With a crazy fan following, aesthetically pleasing SM feeds, and a kickass aspirational agenda, here are the trendiest fashion bloggers in Mumbai — so you better be following them today!

PS: You really don’t need to be from Mumbai to be following them.


Santoshi Shetty aka The Style Edge

Where luxury meets minimalism, Santoshi’s feed is what one would describe as fashionably soothing. An edgy take on contemporary fashion, Santoshi perfectly balances a sense of rustic with modern. Chic and subtle, this fashion blogger inspires you beyond JUST style, and also dabbles in fitness and an aspirational lifestyle.


Aayushi Bangur aka Style Drive

Fashion inspiration that is more relatable to the everyday girl, Aayushi’s take on style has become a fave by most upcoming fashionistas. Giving you a larger perspective across different age groups, Aayushi’s outfits are user-friendly aka, easy to get inspired from. Sticking to high street retail, you’d even be able to shop certain looks that are available at your nearest stores.


Shereen Sikka aka Love And Other Bugs

Shereen Sikka’s style is a constant tussle between chic and edgy — and she mostly plays around with luxury fashion and Indian labels. The fact that makes her feed rather unique is her constant collaborations with fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle brands, that creates this inspirational AND aspirational aspect to her posts.


Riya Jain aka Caught In A Cuff

If you’re a college girl looking for style inspiration, then Caught In A Cuff is one you shouldn’t miss. Riya puts together a range of looks that vary from everyday style to ethnic occasional wear. The fact that she incorporates various affordable brands across the board, makes her looks a lot easier to mimic. Also known for her fun accessorising abilities and breathtaking travel posts, there is more than just one reason why you need to follow her.


Masoom Minawala aka Miss Style Fiesta

Again, fashion that is totally doable for the everyday girl, Masoom’s looks are easy to recreate and are absolutely pocket-friendly and trendy. If you’re someone who is looking to put together fashion forward style statements, following Masoom’s style tips will definitely help you out.


Juhi Godambe

Where fashion meets fitness, Juhi Godambe gives you style inspiration no doubt but also motivates you to get fit! Keeping her style constantly chic, certain elements of her outfits are always styled in a very unique manner — which gives people all the fashion inspiration they require. Besides following her for her style and fitness inspo, her travel posts and honest beauty and makeup reviews are also ones to look out for.


Kayaan Contractor

Edgy, funky, contemporary are the three words that can be used to describe Kayaan’s unique style. Giving her style statements her own essence, her blog is very fashion forward! However, the fact that she boldly experiments with it makes it stand out more. From adapting to the ever-changing trends to dabbling in androgynous looks, her style is definitely out there, but is constantly evolving.


Shanaya S

From sporty to feminine, Shanaya seems to cover it all! Always giving her style a youthful and fun spin, her blog covers everything from fashion to beauty — and should be the go-to for every young and trendy girl out there.


Aiana J

Keeping newbie fashionistas in mind, Aiana brings in key essentials and styles them various ways — so if you’re one who doesn’t have a big enough wardrobe, then following this blogger would be ideal, especially for some great re-styling tips. Showing you that repeating your clothes isn’t really a crime, Aiana walks you through styling fashion staples in several ways that will make you seem absolutely fashion forward.


Nidhi Kunder aka The Chic Armoire

Minimalistic yet chic, Nidhi’s feed gives us a rather rustic feel — although a lot of her looks are pretty contemporary, they are styled in a vintage-esque manner.

Other than that, Nidhi’s approach towards styling a casual pair of jeans and t-shirt, or even a basic skirt and blouse is very fashionably out-there, but isn’t OTT in any way — a great inspiration for someone who loves fashion, but doesn’t want to go overboard with it.


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