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You’ve Probably Asked Google At Least One Of These Fashion Qs

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We’ve all used the phrase, “I am just going to Google that!” Do we even remember a time without this awesome search engine? It was just the other day when I was searching for ‘how to style a white shirt’, when I stumbled upon this whole new world of fashion DIYs and style tips, leading me to strange fashion history facts! That’s when I realised, what did we do prior to Google? I mean, how did people function back in the day without it? To be honest, I am glad I am a 90’s child, as I got to see the best of both worlds. I do faintly remember a time when my mother used to look through a whole stack of magazines and pattern books, in order to get her fashion fix for the month. Sure, we do still reference magazines, but not as much as we like to Google the hell out of everything first.

Whether it’s simple doubts like ‘what is a fluted hem‘, to pretty strange ones like ‘how to turn your leggings into crop-tops‘, the world wide web is a vortex of endless answers and possibilities. And even though we would all like to thank Google for its support during our final year of college, we would also like to thank it for standing by our sides, no matter what the question. So keeping that in mind, all us bloggers, writers, and vloggers would like to thank Google for its infinite knowledge in everything, including fashion. To end this curious year with a bang, have a look at the top 10 sartorial questions you’re probably guilty of asking Google in 2016.



1. How To Cut The Sleeves Off A Shirt?

Don’t we all love a little DIY in our lives? The top question of the year in fashion was how to cut off the sleeves of a shirt. Talk about recycling your clothes, I’m all up for taking something old and making it fabulously trendy and new!



2. How Do I Start Modelling?

An interesting question Google had to answer this year, a lot of people seemed to be keen on becoming a supermodel. Looks like we’ve all dreamed of being on America’s Next Top Model!



3. What Is Haute Ccouture?

This literally translates to ‘high sewing’, which in turn means luxurious fashion that is of a high standard. An understandable doubt that people might have had!



4. How To Wear Booties With Skinny Jeans?

Wearing something tight and long with boots can be an issue, even though we might not be in freezing temperatures. A pretty legit styling tip, one thing to keep in mind when pairing these 2 is to tuck your denims into your boots rather than folding them over.



5. When Can You Start Wearing White?

A very random question to ask Google, I must say. The response? Apparently, you cannot until Memorial Day in the US. Thank God it doesn’t apply to us in India.




6. How To Become A Fitness Model?

Well, it is the year of fitness! With athleisure and workout gear being such a massive fashion trend, and insta-fitness inspirations having taking over social media in 2016, I can totally understand why people would want to become a fitness model.



7. What Is Boho?

I am pretty sure this was Googled around the time of Coachella with bohemian wear suddenly becoming a huge thing around that time. This hippie trend has sort of become a staple for every season!



8. What Did People Wear In The ’90s?

They say history repeats itself, so why not be prepared for it? I wonder why this was the most Googled question though? Are clogs planning to make a hideous comeback?



9. How To Dress Like A Hippie?

This is where the questions gets super weird! Google’s best answer to that is tie-dye, mini-skirts, and bell-bottoms — the best parts about retro fashion!



10. How To Become A Fashion Designer?

If you don’t want to be a model, you’d want to be a designer, right? The 10th question in the list had everything to do with becoming a fashion designer. Who knows, maybe we have the next Vera Wang or Manish Malhotra amongst us, guys!

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