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Moschino Has Introduced A Baguette Bag And We Don’t Think We Knead It

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For a very, very long time, I have lusted after the Judith Leiber cupcake purse. I have constantly seen it being carried by celebrities for their red carpet appearances and I just want a bite of that deliciousness (the purse, not the celebrity). Of course, the glorious cupcake purse comes at a price that I wouldn’t be able to afford even after I sell mine and my extended family’s kidneys. And apparently my family is very particular about wanting both their kidneys for health and all. Meh. And now we have a baguette bag.

And while I was still distracted by that, along came Moschino’s baguette bag and now I just want carbs. And the baguette bag isn’t all, they are tempting me with a croissant bag also. Now, of course, I am not as sweet on these as the cupcake bag but I would give it a whirl.

That being said, I am not sure who wants to wear these. Sure, they are quirky and interesting and different but with the baguette bag, I am pretty sure I will end up looking like I stole it from the grocery store. So maybe I can’t carry it off, I get it. But there are plenty of people like me who see the humour in walking about with a baguette bag.

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And while we could all whip up one of these at home, we are not sure (no one really is) about why we would drop our hard-earned cash on a bag that looks like a piece of bread. Given that this one will leave you poorer by about Rs. 78,ooo, you want to probably think this decision through.

While I am not against bags that look like food, as is obvious from the intro, if I am required to put my entire life’s savings into it, I would have to reconsider it. Also, I literally can’t think of one single occasion that demands that I carry baguette bag that explains my weight.

I mean, I think it would be out of place at a black tie dinner where the women are clad in pearls and only barely touching their lips to the cheese. Imagine turning up to a dinner like that with a giant bag that will probably poke women and men’s backsides and make you look like you picked up a subway on your way over because you were hungry.

Alternately, it would still be out of place at a casual get together at a friends place where drinks are flowing. I imagine that the baguette bag would often be picked up to soak up the alcohol and bit into so I end up with a bunch of bit marks on my very expensive purse. You get the drift, I don’ t see it working.

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