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Singer Mon Laferte Went Topless To The Latin Grammy Awards To Protest The Crisis In Chile

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An age-old discussion that industry influencers have been having for ages is whether fashion can ever be political. People, especially women, have used the outlet of fashion time and again to make societal and political statements. There are broader elements like white being the chosen colour of empowerment used by female politicians all over the world. Then are individual instances like the sea of black dresses on the 2018 Golden Globe red carpet to protest the wage gap and support the #MeToo movement. It doesn’t even have to be on such a big scale. A 19-year old changing into booty shorts from a salwar suit the moment she reaches her college is a sign of rebellion in itself. As individuals, we use fashion every day to showcase some form of personal belief and that phenomenon has only evolved.

As we mentioned before, the red carpet has kind of become the hotbed for making political statements with one’s accessories and clothing, or in this case, the lack thereof.

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Chilean-Mexican singer Mon Laferte used her appearance at the Latin Grammy Awards 2019 to make a brave political statement. The 36-year old stepped onto the carpet in a black trench, which she lowered down her shoulders to expose bare breasts. Painted on her chest were slogans in protest of the recent acts of brutality in Chile, which have been dominating the news for the past month. ‘In Chile, they torture, kill, and rape’, says the phrase on her chest.  The singer, who won Alternative Music Album, said in her speech (In Spanish), “What emotion…[Thanks] to my colleagues and especially to the public, the people, the fans that are there, without people nothing could happen”. “This is for Chile,” she also added, while also sporting a green bandana on her neck to support the legalisation of abortion.

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For context, the Chile protests are part of a mass demonstration in support of a new constitution. Constantly growing for the past month, millions of Chileans have taken to the streets to demand better pensions, healthcare, and education. Just today, the world was shocked by the news of hundreds being partially or completely blinded by after being shot with pellet guns by riot police. Mon Laferte’s red carpet statement is in light of accusations of torture, rape, and indiscriminate violence during the crackdown on part of the police. Laferte took to social media to share her activism and captioned her post with “my body free for a free homeland”.

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We cannot imagine the bravado it requires to do something like this. the singer, who has been actively involved in the protests closely, has managed to gain the attention of the world with her move. It’s true what they say about women, their power is unimaginable. We are loving this badass lady and her activism is inspiring. We love you, rockstar!

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