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Fine Art Meets Functionality At Merchants Of Cool

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It’s only when you’re out shopping for minimalist art, decor or accessories that you realise the serious lack of options you have to choose from. And if you’re looking for something that not only looks good but is also priced sensibly, you’re only bound to get more frustrated. Usually kitschy chic is severely OTT and beautifully minimalist stuff is frightfully expensive.

And just when we thought that we’d never get to see that day, Merchants Of Cool entered our collective consciousness. Say hello to a new online destination that lets you shop some of the coolest prints you’ll ever come across, and they have them across product categories like fashion, art, and furniture. Photographer Jatin Kampani and entrepreneur Akshay Sahgal are the boys behind this brand that’s experimenting and reinventing products by focussing on good design and utility. You’ll find furniture, fine art photography and a fashion line that includes scarves and pocket squares (for now). The scarves and pocket squares are bright and colourful, and just the thing you’ve been secretly hoping to find when you go shopping.

Each product tells a story and a lot of thought has been put into its making. The idea behind MOC was to make design accessible to everyone via various mediums. Their fine art photography offers a gallery experience for photographers and connoisseurs, as a series of images that tell stories as opposed to random beautiful images. MOC has photographers like Shibu Arakka, G.Venkatram and Jatin Kampani himself on board and from what we see, they’ve all got something to contribute in a way that’s unique to them.

What we like the most about Merchants Of Cool is this particular detail: They’ve got a video category on the site that gives the buyer a glimpse into the world of the designer, artist or photographer they’re buying from. Each of these videos are another storytelling medium for Merchants Of Cool. Now tell me that isn’t cool!

Check out some of our favourite picks from Merchants Of Cool below:



Merchants Of Cool Scarf (Rs 2,995)


Kala Cube Furniture (Rs 14,950)


Merchants Of Cool Scarf (Rs 2,995)


Merchants Of Cool Pocket Square (Rs 1,095)


Merchants Of Cool Pocket Square (Rs 1,095)


Merchants Of Cool Scarf (Rs 2,995)


The Travel Story Cube Furniture (Rs 14,950)


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