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Margot Robbie Wore Satin Pink Glove, An Ode To The Feminist Movement And Marilyn Monroe And It’s Fabulous

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With so many female-led comic book movies doing the rounds of theatres in the last couple of years, we often forget how it is still such a novel and new concept. The success and , popularity of moves like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel has emboldened studio executives to invest in female superheroes (and villains) exclusively. Gal Gadot’s director Patty Jenkins demanded equal pay as a male director to direct the film’s sequel and it is this kind of change that the entertainment industry needs.

This is also why Margot Robbie turning producer and creative influencer of the latest DC offering Birds Of Prey is an important moment in the feminist movement. While the early reviews of the film point at nothing but praise, it is Margot’s s London premiere ensemble that we wish to talk about.

Styles by the unparalleled Kate Young, Margot donned a Dries Van Noten ensemble, full with a fringed top, satin skirt and gloves. Much like her character Harley Quinn’s outfit from the film, the gloves are a direct throwback to Marilyn Monroe’s iconic pink dress moment from the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Created by costume designer William Travilla, the look became a staple in fashion pop culture, with many imitations following up; one by the queen of pop Madonna herself!

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Marilyn Monroe is one of the most enduring fashion and feminist icons. She represents the unabashed and brazen sensual woman who holds her own even under the male gaze. Even though this Hollywood starlet had a difficult life, her legacy continues till today for one simple reason…she was rebellious before it was cool. While Margot isn’t the only one using this accessory for the subtle messaging of girl power, she is definitely the one who got the closest. Satin evening (or opera) gloves have long been associated with women’s statement styling; a vibe of “rich bit*h” and sexy siren packed in a crystal-encrusted bow. How fabulous!

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