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Malaika Arora’s Cute AF Hoodies Are For All Girls But Specially For Single Girls Who Don’t Have A Boyfriend To Steal Them From

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There was a time in my life when I was just living in cute cozies in different colours. I went to college in a cold city where you had an abundance of winter shenanigans going around, making my wardrobe very partial to mostly sweatshirts and hoodies. The reason for it? They look cute with denim jeans and other shorts, don’t require to be washed that often and feel like a second home in themselves. They are also a good investment for single girls who don’t have a bae to steal fussy hoodies from, yet crave the comfort of the same. JK, I have a bae and I still buy my own because I like them in bright colours and prints…much like Malaika Arora who can’t get enough of her collection either!

There is finally a nip in the Mumbai air which Malaika seems to be combatting with cute AF printed hoodies, some of which are even customised to her liking. Creating both basic and athleisure looks with her set of adorable hoodies, the fit, and fab fashionista is having a lazy girl moment in her sweats. I mean, if we were constantly living in the gym and had an enviable frame like hers, we’d never got back to our baggy separates but I guess that’s what sets her apart. What a tease!

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We also love these printed babies because you can do so much with them. There are so many online stores that will print literally anything you want on a hoodie for you and isn’t that just so exciting. You can get your favourite Christmas character printed or have your partner’s pretty mug on your chest while walking around the house, there’s nobody to stop you!

But let’s keep that in the back burner and indulge in these already attractive hoodies you can stock up on before it gets too hot again!

Femme Chic


Totes Adorable

All About The Label

A Bunny Exception

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Are you ready to spend the rest of your winter in these cute picks? Happy slumbering!

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