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Alisha’s New Earrings Are Perfect For The Earthy Desi Girl

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Fusion jewellery is a great middle ground when it comes to accessories because it perfectly tows the line between desi and western in a way that it works for both. I, for one, love all the different kinds that are historically connected to India, from chandbaalis,  maatha pattis, and jhumkas. Recently, with the advent of brands like Fab India and such like, these jewellery styles have become more accessible. Traditionally, they use uncut diamonds in jadau and polki styles, but nowadays you can get it in precious metals or even in materials like wood and so on.

On a recent jaunt through the web world, I came across this pretty brand called Maatikaar, which makes terracotta jewellery, and it fed right into my fascination for fusion. Terracotta is essentially clay baked at high temperatures in a kiln, and each piece is handcrafted and hand-painted. The clay is sieved multiple times to get air infused in it, making the jewellery light and wearable. And the colours they are painted with are water-proof and fade resistant.

Maatikaar Jhumka Drop Earrings


How pretty is this silver pair, though? As soon as I saw it, my brain went into overdrive thinking about the many possibilities of what I could wear with them. And that was it. I had to have them. Be honest, wouldn’t you  make the same decision too?

It’s good to note that the pieces are baked at high temperatures rendering them sturdier than normal terracotta, but care should be taken nonetheless. For example, a moist cloth should be used to clean it and perfume should always be sprayed on before wearing the jewellery.

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