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#LustList: The Bag That Tatiana’s Been Dreaming About

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For those who actually know me, are well aware that my shopping weaknesses lie purely in shoes and bags. Some people like to collect coins, I like to hoard them suede leather goods. And you know that nagging feeling when there’s always something incomplete? Well, according to me, my collection is incomplete without this gorgeous Chloé Shoulder Bag. It’s so simple, yet elegant…and do I really need to say more about my love for neutrals? OK, so I am aware that I wouldn’t be able to afford something like this right now (ahh kudos to wishful thinking, right?), but a girl can dream, can’t she?

The pale pink and beige rosé combination makes this bag look so classy yet contemporary. For someone like me, clutter in anything isn’t my friend! Hence the elegant cuts and simplistic design creates a clean silhouette I adore. The gold-tone studded detailing and subtle patchwork invokes an edgy essence to the whole glamorous vibe, making the bag effortlessly interchangeable with any look.



Chloé Drew Light Studs Shoulder Bag

I can so totally hear my bank balance mocking me at the moment! Oh the irony — as little as this bag might be in size, the larger-than-life attitude is definitely reflected in its price. Not being careful about what I wish for this time around, since it’s all out in the open now…I do hope you’re paying attention, universe!

SHOP NOW: Chloé Drew Light Studs Shoulder Bag (Rs 153,381)


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