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Baishali Is Twirling Like A Lil Girl In This Rainbow Skater Skirt

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Anyone who knows me AT ALL, know I’m a sucker for skirts. It’s my go-to wardrobe pick pretty much every day of the week. I know, this also means I need to shave regularly, but small sacrifices, you know. Firstly, I don’t need to shave THAT often, because my dark skintone manages to hide all the tiny little strands of hair that sprout up (hyuk hyuk), and secondly, I LOVE showing off the tattoo that’s on my leg (it’s the Phoenix rising from the ashes, combined with the Celtic symbol for new beginnings, in case you were wondering. It starts at my ankle and goes midway up my calf). So yeah, for me, it’s skirts all day, ERRYDAY. I feel pretty, sexy, and uber feminine in them, and no matter who I’m meeting or where I’m going, they work.

Needless to say, I’m a self-confessed skirt hoarder. I see a skirt, I like a skirt, I must buy said skirt. It’s usually out of my control, I assure. Anyhoo, on my latest hunt for a new skirt (it’s been a while, OK?), I found one that quite literally spoke to me, out loud. I mean, just look at those colours!


This rainbow-hued skater skirt from Lulu & Sky just stole my heart. Firstly, it’s such a happy piece of clothing. But more importantly, I can pair it with just about anything — any solid coloured top or blouse or shirt, and anything from sandals to boots to high-heeled pumps or sneakers (Imma feeling the kicks, I won’t lie). I can also wear it to work (I work at a cool place, y’all), for brunch, date night, or an evening out with my girlies. Have you ever seen a more versatile skirt?

The part polyester, part spandex material means that the fall will be perfect, and the length means that hey, I can show off my tattoo! Can you blame me for adding to cart?

SHOP NOW: Lulu & Sky Rainbow Skater Skirt (Rs 5,700)


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