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5 Must-Have Shape Wear Pieces For Your Figure-Hugging Dresses

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As women, dressing up comes with its own set of challenges. First, there’s what to wear. Or that you have nothing to wear. And then, you have to know what kind of underwear you’ll have to wear, whether the waist needs to be cinched in or the boobs need to look perkier. Whether or not the dress allows for bra straps. Or if it’s going to hug some bits in a not-so-flattering way. There’s a lot of planning involved. So, to cut out the stress, we have picked 5 absolute must-have shape wear pieces that will help you sail through the day! Or night.

  1. Control Camisoles
    If your love handles have made a permanent place on your body and refuse to leave and you want to rock a rather sexy piece which looks like you’ve been poured into this, opt for one of these. These pull in the stomach, smooth out the handles and will give you that instant control you need.

  2. Corsets
    First of all, there’s rarely shape wear that looks sexy but corsets, they are cool. Since this is detachable, you can wear it over your normal underwear to shape your waist area. It helps you straighten that posture and smoothens your curves giving you the hourglass shape that is all the confidence you need. 

  3. Control pants/ high-waist tummy shaper
    Control pants are a truly godsend. They are a pull-up version of your underwear that controls the weight around your abdomen and waist without having to add extra layers. Best and easiest way to cinch in the tummy for a flattering curve, these work like magic.

  4. Body Shaper
    This type of a shape wear offers you full body control. It helps in accentuating your waist, hips, thighs, everything create a seamless feminine silhouette that’s perfect under a form-fitting dress.

  5. Half Slips
    These are for the days when you want to avoid the VPL situation but still want to show off the shape and structure of your hips especially under a mini skirt or a short dress. It is comfortable, easy going and works quite well without having underwear lines making an appearance.

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