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Move Over Tiny Cholis, The Elegant Kurta Is Here And There’s Plenty Of Ways You Can Wear It With A Lehenga

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The reason why we’ve been so eerily quiet about Sabyasachi’s latest collection, The Neo Bohemian, is because this one is taking a while to settle on our senses. The burst of subdued brights, abstract prints, creamy florals, and an aptly named ‘Nani Bucket’ (a structural mix of the bucket bag and pouch bag), there is a lot to take in with his new collection. It’s been a challenge for us to gather the nerve of this collection, the sign of a true master who manages to maintain a certain level of mystery with his designs. The Summer 2020 pieces are aimed at re-invention of bridal fashion…wear flats for a mehendi or pick a champagne-hued ribbed saree for a cocktail, there are no rules anymore.

But one of the major highlights of the collection, for me personally, was the inclusion of the modest kurti that seems to have replaced the designer’s signature plunge cholis in some of the looks. These flared kurtis create an interesting shape when cinched with an ethnic belt and it looks so cool and contemporary. A millennial bride will definitely love these and so would the shaadi guests, especially for destination weddings. They are also a dressier alternative for little cholis,  a blessing for wine lovers like who can’t be bothered with watching out for nip slips while having a good time!

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The replacement of the choli has certainly not been ushered in by Sabya, but we think it will be the final word on this style becoming a full-blown trend. With winter months seeming to extend this year, we can see how this look can help keep us snug and looking like a million bucks. Here are some ways you can get started on the trend and get comfy with it.

Stay In Your Comfort Zone

While going for a cropped kurta is a trendy way to wear your lehenga, it can get tricky if the proportions aren’t right. Stay in your comfort zone and stick to a style and structure that you have tried before and looked baller in. Opting for an elaborate design when you are not used to all that fabric will only make you feel swamped, and nobody wants that!

Go Monotone

There is no way we can’t stress this enough…while cholis can be picked in any colour, embellishment or pattern to go with a completely different lehenga, a kurti or ethnic shirt will have to be monotone in order to sit right. You want to take the experimentation over to the accessories and keep the outfit itself in similar shades.

Play With Tailoring

You can go all out with styles and play around with colours but the real deal here is the tailoring. Add slits, take the plunge with deep backs and go for spaghetti straps, there is so much to do. You can also seek out embroidery and handiwork that add on personality to the top, especially when pairing it with a simple and light lehenga.

Always Watch The Fit

Lehengas come with flared designs, they are already adding a lot of body to your frame so it is best to pay close attention to the fit of the kurta. A straight kurta will do so many wonders to streamline one’s look, while an oversized one will just make it look frumpy. So keep a close eye on those measurements!

Add Layers

Peplum kurtis, anarkalis, and sheer overlay kurtas are just some things you can use to make your ensemble look more layered. Silk lehengas can use a bit of help like that and a choli is not going cut it. Make sure you watch the length of the top with this one though, it needs to cut at just the right spot to look balanced.

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