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5 Things That Go Through Our Mind Before We Go For Fashion Week

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The current scenario at the Hauterfly HQ — the editors are on their toes sending out e-mails, the social media team furiously typing away, their phones buzzing with annoying ringtones and attending calls, fashion writers at ground zero trying to send out images (enter bad internet), designers going crazy making creatives, and everyone basically just hustling to cope with the madness that is Fashion Week. Yes, Lakmé Fashion Week 2017 is here and we are geared up to bring you all the updates, live from the venue.

While everyone is busy and, I mean, please-don’t-talk-to-me-right-now busy, your humble little lifestyle writer (me!) decided to lighten the mood by giving the real and funny take on fashion’s biggest event. So what really goes through our minds before we dive into the week that will give us #stylegoals for the next few months, not to mention, drain us to bits. Check it out!


Fashion Week Madness_Hauterfly

1. What To Wear!

As soon as fashion week gets over, we start planning for what to wear for the next one. It’s like a life and death situation. You HAVE to look your best and all those thoughts you have about not giving a damn about what people think about how you’re dressed? Yeah, totally invalid here. Behind those perfect curls and flawless makeup are days of hard work of deciding the outfit, consulting besties, and going on last-minute shopping sprees.


Fashion Week Madness_Hauterfly

2. Practising The Fake Smile And Air Kiss

We may look like retards, but we actually practice smiling and air kissing in front of the mirror so that we can keep it as natural as possible on  D-day. It takes real efforts to fake smile for 12 hours straight.


Fashion Week Madness_Hauterfly

3. Social Anxiety Attacks

My friends went on a drinking binge yesterday to brace themselves for the #5DaysOfFashion. And if you don’t like people, it’s horrifying to be surrounded by thousands of them and, to top it off, you have to socialise! Oh, the absolute horror! Plus, the eyes that check you out, judging you endlessly, no matter what you have worn. That is when you wish pets were allowed at these places.


Fashion Week Madness_Hauterfly

4. Will I Bag The Front Row Seat?

Okay, got the passes but will they be in the first 2 rows is the real question. Come on, it took me ages to get ready, what’s the use if I can’t flaunt it! Then you calm yourself down by thinking that street style will save your self-esteem. The other would be access to the cool zone — the smoking area. Whether or not you smoke is a different scene.


Fashion Week Madness_Hauterfly

5. Need A Leave Next Week

Yes, we start thinking about taking a day off even before fashion week hits. Mentally, we are already exhausted and cannot wait to sleep for 24 hours straight when everything is over! And gossip at a slumber party with our besties is a ritual that has to happen.

All said and done, it is an experience that you need to have at least once in your life and see live what goes at the year’s biggest fashion gig. You definitely meet people who inspire you and learn so much that you wouldn’t have otherwise.


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