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Lady Gaga’s 2019 Golden Globes Outfit’s Story Reads Like A Fantastic Novel And We’ve All The Deets

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Picture this: A seasoned hotel maid rushing through the traffic on the streets of Los Angeles, trying to make it to her second shift at the Beverly Hilton hotel. The maid gets to her station, changes into her aprons and heads up to the suite to clean up after a celebrity just checked out. She opens the closet door and is immediately blinded by a periwinkle blue gown, with a long train, just hanging there. She did hear rumours of a certain pop star and major celebrity, who just walked the Golden Globes red carpet, being the aforementioned “guest” of the room. The maid herself loves fashion and knows, that this grand gown is a custom Valentino. A gown that can fetch her thousands of dollars without any consequences. Sounds like the plot of a movie or a book, right?

Apparently not. Because this is the story of the actual hotel maid who stumbled upon Lady Gaga’s Golden Globes 2019 dress, tried to return it,unsuccessfully, for months, and then put it up for auction instead. The consequence? The dress is estimated to fetch somewhere between $20,000 and $40,000. But here’s the kicker. Valentino is all set to go after the maid for theft. To that, we say, hold on!

For context, here’s Lady Gaga herself in the gown, AT the hotel, on the balcony:

Gosh, what a beautiful gown! According to early reports, Gaga allegedly left the haute couture number at the Beverly Hilton way back in January. The maid who found it, tried to return it, but it was in vain. It spent months in lost and found and then was returned to the maid herself. The dress is being auctioned off at Nate D. Sanders Auctions, an LA-based organization. The listing was accompanied by a hand-written note from the housekeeper explaining how she came to find the dress.

In the letter, which is written in Spanish, the hotel maid confessed she “turned in the dress to lost and found” the day after the ceremony. But the dress was then held there until September, after which the hotel gave it back to her as a gift.

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According to the auction house, the dress is in”near fine condition, with only light soiling to the train.” There have been speculations about whether the dress is liable to be considered stolen. The Beverly Hills Police Department said in a statement, “During the investigation, it was determined that a designer dress which had been missing had recently been placed up for private auction. It was determined that no crime had taken place. The police do not have an active criminal investigation. The matter is being resolved between the concerned parties.”
Michael Kirk, Manager of Nate D. Sanders Auctions, also commented, “We take provenance very seriously and do due diligence on all items we take on consignment, including consulting our attorneys when necessary”. While there have been no official statements from Valentino or the Beverly Hilton, speculations are aplenty about the same.
We can hardly imagine there is any precedent for something like this to be resolved. We are sure celebrities have forgotten things in their hotel rooms, but never a big, hulking gown. Also, if the dress wasn’t claimed for months, can we hardly blame the housekeeper for putting it up for auction instead. What is she going to do otherwise? Pass it down to her daughters to wear at their weddings? Wait, that’s not a bad idea.
We can wait and watch where the story goes from here. We wonder who is going to play Gaga and the maid in the movie version of this story. There is going to be a move about this, obviously!

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