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Switchers By Undercover Will Make You Want To Go Backless

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What’s the worst thing about going backless or wearing a halter-neck? The bra that you need to pair with it. Whether you’re blessed with boobs or not, trying to conceal and not feel your brassiere can be a pain. What do you do with those unnecessary straps and backs? And if you’re living in India, where showing your bra strap is pretty much a heinous crime, it’s even worse. How annoying is it when someone tip-toes to you out of the blue and tucks those disastrous straps in, as though you’ve accidentally flashed a boob. Well, to save you from those lurkers is Switchers by Undercover, a new brand of brassieres that will actually support your boobies, while looking stylish. Launched by the lingerie brand Undercover, Switchers is an exclusive range of detachable, mix and match bras — ones you can totally take apart and rebuild with stylish backs and straps.

Pretty much playing barbie with your bras, you can purchase a standard bra which is available in 3 colours and then pair them with whatever you desire. So we’ve heard of removable straps, but have you seen back-straps that can be striped apart? Launched in January this year, the point of this collection is to rebuild your look with colourful bra straps, which will accessorise your ensemble even further. With the look of bralette, but the support of a bra, these pieces will only add to your attire.

“It all began with a question. Why can’t a comfortable, everyday bra also be high fashion and complement every occasion? Different days, or even different times of the day aren’t the same. Why can’t a bra keep up? Most outfit changes call for a bra change. That’s expensive and painful to maintain. Plus your sexiest bra in all likelihood won’t be the most comfortable or supportive one,” says Monica Anand, founder of the brand.

So that you don’t have to spend a whole lot of money on a million bras for every occasion, supporting your puppies and making them look good at the same time couldn’t be easier — Switchers should be on your list of must have lingerie brands!


White Lace Racer Back (Rs 899)

Multicolour Triangle Print Back (Rs 499)

The Tie-Up Back (Rs 399)

Round Weave Half and Half Shoulder Strap (Rs 299)

Rhinestone Flower Back (Rs 799)

Hand Beaded Squares Back (Rs 699)

Rock Chic Hand Embroidered Back (Rs 899)


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