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Label Alert: Aanchal Sayal On Why Her Potli Bags Became A Celeb Favourite This Festive Season

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Women are often stymied while choosing the right kind of accessory to carry with their sarees. A solid, well-structured handbag will do the trick but there’s nothing innovative about that. Our sarees and salwar suits demand an extra touch of glamour when it comes to accessories, otherwise, the whole look can fall flat.

One of the accessories that have been sought after by fashionistas to wear with their ethnic garbs is the potli bag. These cute wristlets offer themselves as chic alternatives to our regular bags. Better yet, they hold all our essentials too.

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Having said that, there is one particular kind of potli bag that has attracted the most celeb fanfare and it the pearly designs from Aanchal Sayal.

According to Aanchal, “Potli bags have been one of the favourite accessories that women love to carry with a saree. It is easy going and can hold your basic essentials. Potli bags, when carried with a saree, adds to the traditional vibe and enhances the overall look. I have tried to modernize the potli into a new form of accessory that can be styled with a new era of modern fashion”. We so agree!

Anchal’s Fall/Winter Collection

Aanchal’s potli bags are a part of her new collection. A heady concoction of the traditional and modern elements, the pieces are versatile. Oyster, snow-lace & crystal potlis, halo bucket bags, and the elitaire box bags— doused in plush velvets and lacquered with trimmings of lustrous pearls complete the beautiful collection.

An embodiment of animalistic edge & sophisticated embellishment, the new collection also features revamped box bags in faux leather and stunning animal prints. We love the bucket bags and potlis that come in a play of textures, iridescent crystals & beads with their signature pearl work. Classic shapes have been adapted into contemporary designs, embroidered with intricate details of  cut dana,  zarkan, pearls & more, in an assortment of neutral and pastel hues. Each piece is designed, stitched and assembled by hand. How cool!

The Story

Aanchal elaborated on the concept of the collection saying, “I take my inspirations from travelling and constantly want to innovate and create something niche, this has fashioned the overall aesthetic of the brand. The label brings together the best of two worlds—traditional and modern which gives it a fabulous contemporary twist through edgy design elements in the form of potlis, buckets bags, and glamorous cocktail clutches. Look out for a pop of colour or a colour contrast that would go with the overall look of your attire or opt for a bag that would match the embroidery/detailing in your outfit”.
They definitely are a sight to behold!

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