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The Sling Bag That’s Feeding Baishali’s Obsession

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When I was a little girl, my mom always told me that owls were lucky. Often, there would be one perched outside any one of the windows at home — sitting quietly at night, observing its surroundings, and being taunted and bothered by crows during the day (owls are largely blind during the day), and yet not flinching. I would constantly shoo away the crows, but of course, they’d come back as soon as I’d turn my back. Ever since, I’ve had an affinity for these birds — I find their large, beady, beautiful eyes are captivating.

I’ve been through the phase of owl accessories, owl-printed dresses and even owl-motifed add-ons, like laptop sleeves et al. It’s been a nascent obsession that hasn’t quite ever lifted. So you can imagine my joy and lack of self-control when I spotted this adorable owl sling purse on Koovs.



Not only does the bag come in the shape of an owl, eyes and everything (will you look at those eyes?), it’s shiny, too! By now, I’m sure you’re well aware of my affinity for all things glitter, shimmer, and sequins. Plus it’s black and silver, ergo, it will complement just about any outfit. It’s the perfect size, too — small enough for a night out and big enough to fit all my essentials (read: money, cards, makeup, and phone). Can you blame me for hitting shop? I can’t wait for my lil owl package to get here!

SHOP NOW: Koovs Owl Sling Bag (Rs 1,695)


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