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Shachi’s Gold Court Shoes Are Perfect For A Mid-Week Party

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Shoe love is true love. This couldn’t be truer for me. Every time I have a bad day or a real bad week, you’ll hear me say, ”Let’s go shoe shopping!” I love wearing funky kicks, and nothing makes me happier than looking at a closet full of shoes and knowing that they’re all mine. Some might find it silly, but it’s a high that can’t be matched.

Over the years, I’ve owned different types of shoes — from wedges to sneakers — and after having tried most of them out, I can say with full confidence that nothing comes close to pumps when you have elegance on your mind. A good pair of pumps is a wardrobe essential and once you get used to walking in heels, you’ll want them in all kinds of colours.

While nude goes with everything and helps you dress up or dress down any outfit, a pair of gold heels is what makes it to my lust list. Gold immediately makes you feel classy and sophisticated, and elevates your look from simple to flat out fabulous.



Koovs Golden Pumps


I’ve been on the lookout for (non-glitter) gold court shoes since forever, and I chanced upon this pair from Koovs on a day when I was pretty upset. I decided to indulge in my favourite way to vent: Shoe shopping, of course! What makes these shoes so different is the finish, and what I love most about them is how wearable they are. Most pumps have a very high heel and get quite uncomfortable after a few minutes of walking about. These look nothing like that and I can’t wait to get my hands on this pair.

The best part about this pair is its versatility. You can easily work them with Indian wear too. Besides being affordable, they are also low-maintenance. All you need is a soft damp cloth to clean them. These gold pumps are just what I need for the wedding season!

SHOP NOW: Koovs Pointed Court Shoes (Rs 945)


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