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Bushra’s Fierce Necklace Is Worthy Of A Warrior Princess

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I personally believe that owning only a handful of outfits can never get monotonous if you have a host of accessories to pair them with. I love the challenge of styling a single outfit in different ways just by switching up the accessories. This is why you must be methodical while shopping for accessories. It is a fine art, ladies! You have to ask yourself this question — how many ways can I wear this necklace or cuff? If you can think of at least three different ways to style your accessory, go ahead and buy it.

It’s no secret that I love chunky, statement pieces when it comes to jewellery. If it’s edgy and fierce and grabs my attention, I’m buying it no matter what. I’ll starve for a week if I have to but I’ll buy it. Although I love the look of semi-precious stones I mostly pick up metallic jewellery because it is easier to pair.


Kichu Breastplate Shaandi in post_Hauterfly

Kichu Breastplate Shaandi

This is precisely why I loved the Kichu Breastplate Shaandi neckchain the moment I spotted it. The breastplate is fierce, to say the least; I think it’s the spear-shaped drops that give it an edgy look. I love how the chunky breastplate is offset by the delicate chain. The breastplate is largely plain with a teeny bit of engraving only on the main section. The brass finish means I can wear it with solid colours as well as small prints. But the best part is that you can wear this as a waist chain as well! I really love this neck piece for its simple and minimalist beauty.

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