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Kiara Advani Knows How To Style Her Petite Frame And We’ve Taken Notes

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When it comes to dressing up according to body type, we desi girls usually hit the mark. Courtesy Indian mothers who doled out  countless tidbits about how to look our best, choosing styles that flatter us and our frame. Of course, there are always the people who tell you about the “rules of fashion.” But why should you listen, right?  This especially rings true for short girls with petite frames who are constantly asked not to wear a certain type of clothes. But, there is one style star out there who is, in fact, taking down these thought barriers both onscreen and off it – Kiara Advani.

Arriving on the scene with her controversial yet hilarious stint at Lust Stories, Kiara is a powerhouse performer in a ‘smol’ package! The actress stands at 5’2″, which makes her tiny and bonafide petite. She also likes to keep fit and has a slender frame, which she styles in ways that make her look taller. We picked out some of her fashion choices that help elongate the tiny frame and no, it’s not just about wearing heels!

The Exposed Midriff  Trick

If you are a short girl with a longer torso, it would make sense to draw the eyes to the upper half of the body. Kiara is often spotted wearing cropped and bralette tops and her toned, exposed midriff gives the much-needed long line to her frame. The idea lies in showing off the long upper body the best way possible, the styling working best for sarees and lehengas where the blouse can be experimented with!

Smart Tailoring

Power suits are having their time in the limelight and it only makes sense.  They bring out the lines that create the illusion of length. Tailored pantsuits add structure to one’s frame making you look taller because of the symmetry. A sharp suit, fitted and well-tailored is great to go from work to play.

Body-Hugging Silhouettes

When you are working with a small frame, you want to enhance the curves. Kiara knows how to work her toned frame with the chic and snug fabrics that accentuate her soft curves. We love the length on this blue bodycon dress, it cuts off just above the ankles and gives the illusion of long legs.

Longline Accessorising

Not that we need a lot of reasons to wear thigh-high boots. Or any sort of reason but they make our legs look slimmer and longer, thus adding height. Longline accessories like a sleek sling or even ankle length socks can be paired with short dresses and skirts to add elongating features to an outfit. Kiara Advani clearly has a killer boots collection and we are jealous!

Low Riding Jeans

The millennial generation loves what booty-hugging high-waisted  jeans can do. But we have spotted Kiara rely on the classic low riding jeans a lot. Women with short legs can really benefit from low waist jeans, the pants sitting low elongate the legs. It also further lengthens the upper body. Pair it with a crop top like she does to enhance your petite frame.


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