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Katrina Kaif Chose A Covered Up Sabyasachi. Disha Patani Came In A Corset. Who Didn’t Know The Theme?

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So you know Bharat released, right? Oh it did. And the reviews are out. Now it doesn’t matter what the reviews are… it’s a Bhai film and rickshawallahs are going to support it if it kills them, but for the most part, the film seems to be riding a good wave. For starters, it’s apparently gotten one of the biggest openings for a Salman film. It’s all good till now. And perhaps will continue to be. As is must with filmi launches, the premiere happened yesterday and all the stars from the movie turned up for it. Obviously. Including, of course, the leading ladies of the movie, Katrina Kaif and Disha Patani. They are in a Salman film so they probably got as much screen time as, well, Salman’s left toe but they were there.

For the premiere, Katrina Kaif wore a Sabyasachi outfit that was all sorts of grand. It was black, floral and sexy. And those abs. We immediately vowed to get on Keto. Quickly abandoned that thought because there was cake. We liked Katrina’s outfit. Neat, clean and something you would expect to see her in. It was a formal event and she was dressed for it.

Disha Patani, the other lady in the movie, was also there making her presence felt. She was dressed in a white corset top and ripped jeans. Disha is young and sexy and she was an outfit that flattered her curves. Some may argue that she was in character, and her outfit was an extension of it off screen, but that argument doesn’t hold much water given that her role placed her in a completely different time period.

Point being, these are the leading ladies of the movie and we were expecting something fun and exciting from them. While we aren’t saying they should have coordinated their outfits, or worn the exact same thing, they could have certainly decided on whether they were doing formal or extremely casual. It’s like they got two completely different memos. Disha could have been at a premiere or at a club. Katrina could’ve been at a premiere or a wedding.

While we didn’t dig any of their outfits individually, we do think Katrina was more on theme with her Indian outfit given that the movie is called Bharat.


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