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Katrina Kaif And Kiara Advani Gave Us The Two Kinds Of Date Night Pink Dresses And We Love ‘Em Both

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I have always been one of those girls who would stand in front of her closet and sigh “I have nothing to wear”, literally every single morning. Even though I have a well-stocked wardrobe of essentials and fun pieces alike, I am always pressed for choices when it comes to being undeniably feminine and girly. For someone who lived in band T-shirts all throughout college, imagine my level of anxiety when I have to pick out an outfit for a first date. Usually, I like to uphold my casual vibe, but sometimes it is fun to go all out in ladylike colours and silhouettes. The only problem is, I can never tell when it is “too much”!

As I mentioned, I have always been fascinated with hyper-feminine clothes. I look to celebrities and fashion stars for pointers on how to do it just right. And only sometimes, I manage to strike gold with my incessant Insta-stalking. One of these rare moments occurred just today when I spotted Kiara Advani in a ruched bubblegum pink dress, that reminded me another star in a similar shade looking like a total stunner. I would replace my many LBDs with a pretty pink dress any day, and in one of these two forms:

Katrina Kaif’s sexy plain bodycon style…

….or Kiara Advani’s very cute and girly ruched number. I don’t wish to spoil myself with too many options!

The reason these adorable dresses struck my fancy has a lot to do with my obsession with 80s high school rom-com movies, one of which is the dangerously underrated feminist classic Pretty In Pink. In it, we have a strong 18-year old female lead, coming-of-age as an even stronger woman, all the while wearing gorgeous pink outfits that she sews herself. The use of fashion in this film, to show the colour pink in a very non-stereotypical way, has always struck me as imaginative and unique. I mean, you can be a rock n’ roll lover and still love ruffled pink dresses, there are no rules. It also helps when we consider how this girly shade has been adopted in a power dressing staple like the pantsuit and become a legit celeb favourite for the party season.

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An overdose of  ‘cute but sexy’ from Katrina and Kiara was the only thing I needed to start prepping a pink dresses cart and here are some of my absolute faves!

The Biker Chic

The Balloon Build

The Lady In Pink

The Boho Wrap

The Sexy Bodycon

The Ruffled Splurge

Happy shopping, ladies!

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