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Katrina Kaif Suggests Taking Salman Khan’s Comments With A Pinch Of Salt, And We Think That is Stupid!

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After a certain point, in every relationship, there comes a time when you have to consciously overlook someone’s flaws and focus more on their strengths. You know, to kind of make it work and make it last. Or at least that is what Bharat actress Katrina Kaif seems to believe about working with Salman Khan.

It’s no secret that Salman Khan has recently been going out of his way to take pot shots at Priyanka Chopra, who was the first choice to star along with him in Bharat. In fact, he has even been slammed by the likes of Sona Mohapatra, who didn’t quite appreciate his sarcasm. But his fans took care of the burn, by casually threatening the singer with absurd death threats.

So when Katrina was asked to comment on his co-star’s bitter words, she said something that we could not resonate with at all. “You have to take everything that Salman says with a big bucket of salt. I think we all know that by now. He just says it for effect, he does not mean it. Sometimes, in interviews I am biting my tongue like 5 times in a day, but it’s all in good fun. I don’t take it seriously.”

Well, the thing is Kat, just because you and maybe other fellow co-stars have found a way to turn a blind eye to the misogynist and, most of the time, entitled comments Sallu bhai has to dish out time and again, doesn’t mean everyone else wants to too. How does one not take what his comments have to imply seriously? Maybe we must ask Sona Mohapatra or PeeCee to shed some light on that, especially when coming from him, it could have a bearing on their career.

Knowing the uncouth nature of someone and yet not asking him to do anything about it, is being party to it. Yes, not taking anything to the heart might be a more hassle-free approach to survive in the industry, but it doesn’t make it okay. Once maybe a mistake, twice is a lapse, but the third time it is a choice! And that is exactly what it looks now to us. So forgive us, but we can’t take this with a pinch of salt ’cause it’s leaving us with a bad aftertaste.


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