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Katrina Kaif And Deepika Padukone Are Rocking Black PU Leggings And The Fit Is Everything

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Trend-spotting is not an easy task to accomplish. It takes a good eye to see through the clutter and separate genuine ones from the fads. Celebrities often provide. a good measure as to which trend will stick. But none so evidently as Deepika Padukone And Katrina Kaif have been hinting at recently! Both the actresses have been in favour of PU leggings and we can see why. They are flattering, sexy and comfy. A combination we would kill for in this humid weather.

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Turns out, celebrities are not unlike us when it comes to having a favourite pair of pants. For Katrina and Deepika, this has been a pair of black PU leather pants, which they can’t seem to let go of while travelling.

The fitted faux leather leggings work as their alternative to restrictive jeans or high maintenance trousers. The reason these ladies have been obsessed with the leggings is exactly the reason why we love them… they are smart and comfortable.

PU leggings have the rare quality of sitting snug on our body while being easy to wear. Both actresses have been pairing them with long sweatshirts, shirts or layers to keep their travel style practical yet stylish with a touch of rock ‘n’ roll!

We also cannot help but wonder how great these PU leggings are for the monsoon season. They are dark so won’t get dirty, air dry easily and don’t get water stains if they get wet.

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Katrina and Deepika are poles apart when it comes to personal style statements. Yet watching them rock the same trend so well gives us hope, maybe, just maybe we can very easily pull it off as well. The actresses have been paring these with casual accessories like sneakers, denim jackets and sling bags. We have taken notes!

We do anticipate these underrated pants to catch traction in celebrity fashion. Already there are a few other actresses opting for the look, Parineeti Chopra being one of them.

We found a sexy number to get a headstart on them as well, grab it before everyone else rushes to get one as well!


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