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Kareena’s Fashion Game On The Small Screen Is Equal Parts Fresh And Fun. We’re Excited!

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Reality television has been a guilty pleasure for many of us. The ‘slice-of-life’ drama, raw human emotions and OTT production value lends them an almost otherworldly charm but the content makes it entirely relatable. Talent shows, in particular, are a big pull of audiences all over the country. The idea of a wide-eyed dreamer finally getting their moment in the limelight gives us all hope that perhaps, we too, can achieve something. Then, of course, reality strikes and we realise that’s not happening any time soon.

Popular reality show Dance India Dance has kicked off its tenth year and they have roped in the uber stylish Kareena Kapoor Khan. She will be sharing the judges’ table with ace choreographer Bosco Martis and rapper Raftaar. Say what you may about the show, but there’s no arguing that Bebo is making a standout debut on the small screen.

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So, why are we covering a dance reality show on the fashion section today? The shows, with their OTT costumes and ‘in your face’ styling, have nothing to do with fashion. Well, we figure all that’s going to change now that Bebo is on board. The actress is known to bring it home when it comes to curating her looks and we can already see a change in the way the main judge is styled on the show.

The show has only just launched and we have seen Kareena in some of the smartest looks. Her styling team have moved on from the generic ‘judge clothes’ and brought in a fresh aesthetic. She decked out like a greek goddess in bright yellow Stephane Rolland separates and the chicest sleek back hair and ponytail we have seen in a while. She also wore an eggplant-hued pantsuit with waist cutouts, with some minimal layered jewellery for the soft, feminine look. She even kept her stage costume sensible with a custom Falguni Shane Peacock number.

The rumour mill has been abuzz with reports that Kareena has made the highest paid debut in television history. Addressing these reports for a publication, she said, “If a male judge is getting a certain amount, a female judge should also get the same. I got what I deserve for the hours I will be putting in.”. We love her unabashed sense of self-worth, it is about time the issue of the pay gap in television was discussed and who better to do that than her?

We see what you did there, Bebo, and we love it!


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