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You Won’t Believe What Kanye West Gave Kim Kardashian As A Mother’s Day Gift

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Think millennial fashion influencers and you are obviously thinking of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. With a global following in millions, these sisters are ruling the fashion and beauty industry. From neon hair to biker shorts and tattered sweatshirts, anything they wear is a trend. It’s almost a given then, that these sisters are the first option, and possibly the best option when a brand wants to promote their products. Besides their own fashion and beauty lines, the Kardashian sisters’ Instagram feed is like a billboard filled with endorsements of waist trainers, diet and hair care pills, detox teas and more. So it came as a surprise when Kim admitted in an interview that she turned down a $1 million fashion deal. What? Had she grown a conscience or something? It might be impossible to believe, but it turns out there are some things that are off-limits for Kim Kardashian West! Yes, pick your jaw off the flow. We imagine it’s because she doesn’t want to mislead her 118 million followers on Instagram.

In an interview with Ashley Ghram for her new talk show Pretty Big Deal, Kim told the plus-size supermodel that she turned down a brand that offered her $1 million for posting on Instagram.  “It is great money, but the brand was typically knockoff Yeezy, so I said let me ask Kanye how he feels about it,” she said. Kanye was not very comfortable with the reality star doing this gig, so like a supportive and loving partner Kim turned the deal down and what followed was a pleasant, loving and expensive surprise. Kanye gifted a whopping $1 million to Kim as a Mother’s Day surprise.

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“He happened to be recording out of town and I get an envelope delivered to the door. I open the envelope and it is a million dollar check and a note saying, ‘Thank you for always supporting me and not posting,'” Kim says, detailing the gift. “In the rest of the envelope, it was a full, thick contract to be an owner of Yeezy, to my have my percentage,” she added. Kim also admitted that she debated on whether or not to actually encash her husband’s check, but finally gave in to the temptation. “My mom was like, ‘Are you going to cash this?’ And I was like, ‘You better believe I am going to cash this!’ I have no shame. I did feel bad, but two days later, I was like, cashed!”

As for the brand that offered her the deal, people are suspecting it is either Fashion Nova or Pretty Little Things as they are popularly known to make cheaper knock-offs of Yeezys. But Kim did not name the brand so our guess is as good as yours. The one thing we are certain about though is that they’ve both got some moolah to spend.
Now isn’t that a sweet gesture? What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

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