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Kangana Ranaut’s Nude-On-Nude Ensemble Doesn’t Work Because Of This One Mistake. We’re Not Digging This

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The trend of doing one colour all over is deeply rooted in being minimal yet showing off your attention to detail in putting outfits together. The fact that monotone grew in popularity when Instagram influencer fashion was just about getting started is proof that you just have to know how to work the clothes you already own rather than purchasing completely new outfits. As such, I believe, monotone fashion at its core is about simplicity, yet look dressier than everyday clothes because going head-to-toe in one colour is bound to fetch some compliments.

I don’t believe in set rules of doing one type of look but that doesn’t mean there aren’t mistakes in doing the same either. With monotone, there is only one sin you can commit to defeat the purpose of the look, which is to go overboard with the individual pieces. And Kangana Ranaut seems to have fallen for that temptation while putting together an outfit.

The actress was dressed head-to-toe in Burberry nudes for a recent event promoting her film Panga. The ensemble was made up of a semi-sheer see-through shirt. a pleated skirt, their classic trench, and nude pumps to finish it off. Getting straight to the fumble, this monotone look is too overwhelming. A monotone look forces you to think about fabrics and textures so that you can learn to mix and match them better. This wasn’t done here because the lace shirt, textured skirt, and the over-sized trench has bulked up the look. Also, the length of the coat going way past the skirt is so wrong. It cuts her frame off on the wrong places because Kangana is almost picturesque and the outfit roughs up all her best features. This is a big no-no for us.

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It is not too difficult to nail a great monotone look. Insta’s OG fashion girl Aimee Song wore one just yesterday and it is on point with its lengths and lines. You can definitely play up this look, there’s nobody stopping you. Supermodel and Twitter connoisseur Chrissy Teigen went the right amount of OTT in her hot pink montone with…

…a flowy overcoat that came with dramatic sleeves. Just lovely!

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On the work front, Kangana will be next seen in another slice-of-life original titled Panga, where she is set to play a working mother striving to dream further beyond the confines of society. We think it’ll be fantastic, check out the trailer below!

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