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This New Indian Fusion Wear Label Is For The Art Lover

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They say art and fashion go hand in hand. And one really can’t deny that influences of Islamic art and architecture have been synonymous with Indian fashion for years now. Veterans have taken inspiration from it, as have designers who are new on the block. And Pratyush Guglani is one among them. When he started in 2014, his core focus of design aesthetics, silhouettes, prints and hues drew inspiration from the Middle East, Indian culture, Islamic art, and art and sculptures of Renaissance. His label Kalista showcases Indo-Western clothing and identifies with a vibrant yet eclectic aesthetic. We spoke with Pratyush to know more about Kalista the brand, its design philosophy, and other things.

Tell me how Kalista came about and the inspiration behind the name.
Kalista is a Greek word representing something “attractive and beautiful”, and this remains the core element of my design aesthetic. I saw a great opportunity in leveraging the rich experience of my family’s business of textile printing and garment exports to developing an innovative product line that is different from the readily available garments on the high street, and one that appeals to the fashion connoisseur. The idea was to balance high fashion and comfort, which I felt was something that was missing in the industry.

Give me an insight on your design point of view.
Our design revolves around creativity using prints and colours. Each season, the collection has a print inspiration behind it, and this could vary from vintage botanicals to tribal boho to renaissance art to even Mughal art. The design is done with the insight of interpreting the print theme(s) in innovative silhouettes (in Indo-western, Indian and fusion) to cater to our diverse customer base.

A lot of designers take influence from Islamic architecture. How do you ensure your creations stand apart?
Islamic architecture has been part of design since the beginning of time, but we have our own way of applying our aesthetics to the trend and playing with different silhouettes, along with experimenting with trims to maintain our essence.

Yours is primarily an Indo-Western collection. Is there anything different you are planning in the near future?
Yes, we do plan to do a lot more, especially for the younger target audience. So you can expect younger silhouettes like jumpsuits, crop tops, skirts, shirts, among others, with more dynamism in terms of styling.

Are you looking forward/are open to designer collaborations?
Yes, we are open to collaborations. I think a share of expertise can always lead to developing something unique and creative.

Curious about this Indo-Western brand? Here’s a sneak peek at some of our favourite pieces from the collection:


Kalista Top Skirt-Multi2_Hauterfly

Top & Skirt (Rs 6,500)

Kalista Cape-Blue_Hauterfly

Blue Cape (Rs 3,900)

Kalista Pakistani Suit-Green6_Hauterfly

Green Pakistani Suit (Rs 6,500)

Kalista Top Skirt-Blue1_Hauterfly

Top & Skirt (Rs 12,500)

Kalista Pakistani Suit-Multi Blue_Hauterfly

Pakistani Blue Suit (Rs 6,500)

Kalista Rust Angrakha Dress_Hauterfly

Rust Angrakha Dress (Rs 11,500)

Kalista Top-Multi2_Hauterfly

Top (Rs 4,500)

Kalista Zip Dress-Natural_Hauterfly

Zip Dress (Rs 12,500)

Kalista Black Long Tunic_Hauterfly

Black Long Tunic (Rs 3,900)

Kalista Jacket Dress-Natural_Hauterfly

Jacket Dress (Rs 15,500)


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