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Jasmine Is All Covered Up In The New Aladdin And Here’s Why We Think It’s Okay

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The thing with animated Disney classics is always take you back to a time in your childhood. They create strong memories, so you are so close to the characters, you remember everything from the set design to what you favourite character wore in a particular song. When these movies have their live action version come out, it’s only natural that we expect our faves to be everything the original were. Which is why Jasmine, reimagined in this Aladdin has thrown us off a little bit. Jasmine from the animated classic Aladdin is a princess with midriff-baring, off-shoulder tops and harem pants that are strategically slung low but sexily. While we do hold the opinion that the updated version has a lot of room for improvement, one aspect of her costume has certainly landed right.

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When the first look of the film came out, we noticed that Jasmine was dressed in a much practical outfit than her animated counterpart. What was missing was her iconic nobody-has-a-waist-that-tiny midriff and we were a bit disappointed.

Our initial gripe with the updated costume had to do with vanity. A lot of the costumes have been updated for this modern-day girl, she’s more than just a wallflower in this version of the movie,  but that doesn’t mean she has to give up her sexuality completely to play a fearless leader. The occasional crop top certainly wouldn’t hurt.

But after watching the film in all its glory, we understand why her costume had to be changed in such a drastic way. The live-action Jasmine does a lot!

She jumps off buildings, fights guards on a roof and runs around town in what can only be called the most elegant parkour routine put on film. Talking about her look, star Naomi Scott revealed the ‘no-midriff’ rule was circulated to the costume department. She said the decision, “was about what makes the most sense for this movie and this time, and that’s what we landed on. I think it was the right decision.” Producer Jonathan Eirich attributed the decision to his wife, “She told me I would get murdered if I had (Jasmine) in a (stomach-baring) outfit – or divorced at least,” he said. “I’m still married.”

We don’t entirely agree with this bit. The Jasmine of our world can be both fearless and sexy, all at once.

The new Jasmine is not in her stomach-baring separates but elaborate golds and sequins to highlight her regality.We love her more in this version actually, she’s doing so much more. We just wish her coolness didn’t require her to hide her sexiness.


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