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8 Summer Wedding Trends For The Chic Desi Girl

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There are three things that we Indians are obsessed with — cricket, Bollywood, and weddings, in that order! Indian weddings especially are a magnificent amalgamation of Bollywood and weddings. They are high on glam, and everyone turns up to the event looking glitzy and glamorous AF.

Summer weddings, however, can be extremely tricky. Of course you want to look dazzling, but still keep yourself from melting away. Also, classic weddings trends such a brocade, heavy zardozi and velvet are not an option, as they will only weigh you down and make you feel hot and sweaty. But worry not, because we got your back.

Here are some of coolest, breeziest and chicest summer wedding trends that you need to get on board with if you have a summer wedding to attend.

1. Get Your Flare Game On

Adding volume to your look with layers of fabrics looks luxurious and royal, but for the summer season, it is both impractical and daunting. Also, a 24-kali lehenga is extremely heavy on the pocket. A simple solution to make your outfit look voluminous and flared is to add a can-can under your lehenga or and gown.

For those of you wondering what a can-can is, it is a large quantity of net stitched together to form bunches. This is added under your lehenga’s skirt to give it volume. A can-can is originally white in colour but can be dyed according to the colour of your dress.

Can-cans are also very easy to store and bend easily, while still giving shape, structure and flare to your outfit!

2. Bling it on

Do not shy away from bling because, this summer, shimmer is everywhere! Bling in muted colours looks dreamy at day weddings especially as the sunlight hits your outfit, making it look shimmery like the Kira-Kira app, only it’s reality.


3. Go With Pastels & Neon!

Aren’t we all done with punchy pinks and dripping reds when it comes to colour options for weddings? Millennial brides and bridesmaids demand change!

Pastels and neon shades are the flavours of the season. Anushka Sharma has done it, and so can you! Vibrant neon colours such as Gen-Z yellow, orange, amber and more go seamlessly well with wedding festivities. You might also want to try out pastel pink, peach, salmon and aquamarine for a summer destination wedding.

4. Rock The Saree Gown

Saree gowns came into being back in 2014, and have now picked up as a MAJOR trend. If you are a bride-to-be, then this is a good option for your engagement.

For those attending a wedding, skip the hassle of draping a saree and the ton of pins required to keep it in place, and just slip into a sexy saree gown. It is also a good option for ceremonies like the sangeet, where you can dance the night away stress-free.

5. All Ruffled Up!

As seen on the runways of Amazon India Fashion Week, New York Fashion week and more, ruffles are a massive trend. This trend has made its way into bridal wear as well.

Whether it is layers of ruffled tiers on your skirt or a ruffled hem on sleeves, this summer amp up the drama with ruffles!

6. Floral Fever

Florals and summers have always been synonymous with each other. Floral motifs in contrasting shades are the newest way to wear florals in your desi looks this summer.

7. Belt It Right

As seen in Sabyasachi, Tarun Tahiliani and Manish Malhotra’s latest collections, belted sarees and lehengas are bold and trendy this summer. This is also a great way to cinch your waist in, and hold your dupatta in place with a belt.

8. Go The Lancha Way

A lancha is essentially a more comfortable variation of a lehenga, it is a long blouse or kurta worn over a lehenga. I personally love them! Especially if you’re not up for showing off your not-yet-there abs.

Now go flaunt these trends as you party away at the next summer wedding, and don’t forget to tag us in your pictures.


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