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From A Fashion And Energy Perspective, The Colour Orange For The Indian Jersey Is A Great Choice

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So the away jersey for the Indian Cricket Team’s match against England has just been revealed and there’s crazy amount of conversation about it. That only makes sense because, well, first of all , we have always seen our men in various shades of blue, so this is new to us and secondly, this whole concept of an away jersey is new to us. But then, apparently, this was news to the bowling coach too, so it’s okay if us as a cricket-loving audience aren’t sure about this. Nike, that is the official sponsor of the Indian cricket team revealed this jersey today.

But let’s take a moment to really discuss this jersey from a fashion and energy perspective. Anyone who follows fashion knows that the colour Living Coral is the Pantone Colour Of The Year, so this jersey is certainly riding a great trend. In fact, this is a colour that has found many takers, especially our desi girl Priyanka Chopra who has been flaunting this hue to her outings in the the French capital.

Of course, there were plenty of people who were upset with this choice of colour, insisting that this colour was ‘saffronising’ cricket which is think is just a tonne of BS. It’s a colour, really. Must we get our panties in a twist about it and so much that we will put out irate tweets? A bit much, we think.

The other thing about this jersey is that the colour’s energy is extremely positive. A quick Google search will reveal that orange is a colour of energy and evokes the feeling of happiness and is bright and uplifting. We could certainly use all these positive feelings for our match against England. More importantly because they are one of the most formidable teams in the World Cup and we have had an unbeatable winning streak till now.

“While the new engineered mesh and strategically placed sweat zones help enhanced breathability for the team on the field, new placket construction, the flex crest, garment cut angles and slash taping all add to making the new jersey lighter, more breathable and helps the athletes be agile on the field. The new total orange and blue colored Away Kits also moves away from a traditional silhouette to using new innovative cut lines alongside dynamic material combinations to emphasize a Multi-dimensional Slash Design and Movement approach,” Nike said in a statement.



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