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Tatiana Will Be Hiding ‘Under This Umbrella-Ella-Ella’ During The Monsoons!

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The Monsoons are kickstarting slowly and steadily and, before we know it, the pitter-patter will turn into raging showers.

I, for one, have always had a special place for the rains and if, like me, you’ve grown up in a desert, you will understand what a single drop of rain actually means.

Although I did spend a fair amount of time under a blanket of grey in the UK, for some odd reason, seeing a dark cloud burst in India has its own special feeling.

Yes, yes, I am aware that I am romanticising the rains more than required, especially considering that I live in Mumbai, where everything turns to slush once it pours.

Although the rainy season might bring on the essence of a KJo-romance, it sometimes also comes with the background score to REM’s Everybody Hurts, especially when you’re having a bad day.

The weather definitely plays a huge role in making or breaking my mood, and although I may love it, sometimes the monotony of dullness gets to me — hence, I need a little pop of colour to uplift my mood.


Editor's Pick_India Circus Umbrella_Hauterfly

India Circus Flights Of Vivers Umbrella


Adding this splash of botanical vibrancy to the grey downpour is this adorable tropical printed umbrella by India Circus. An umbrella is a necessity during the monsoons and, with the strong winds that embrace us during this turbulent season, a measly, tiny one WON’T survive to tell the tale.

This umbrella is big and sturdy, which will definitely stand strong when gusts of wind try to sweep me away (hey, I am a tiny person, OK?).

Also, an umbrella like this makes for a great path-maker on a crowded train platform — just hold it up and charge through confidently. People will look confused and part like the Red Sea — tried and tested by me!

Also, if you’ve watched How I Met Your Mother, you know how a unique umbrella can stand out and maybe even change your life. It won’t get picked up by someone else accidentally. And if it does…who knows, I might end up meeting my Ted Mosby through it, eh?!

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