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Ileana D’Cruz Unfollowed Partner Andrew Kneebone And Deleted All Their Pics. Wait, What’s Going On?

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While some of us don’t go all out on social media with our love, some of us indulge in digital PDA in heavy quantities. We put up pictures with bae with the cheesiest captions, because that’s the millennial equivalent of shouting from the rooftops! And then you break up with them and you don’t know what to do of all that’s left behind on Instagram. That’s exactly when you start cursing yourself for being too hopeful and dramatic in your declaration of love. So, you go on your Insta feed one night, sending the happy pictures to trash – because they are not descriptive of your equation with him anymore. The captions seem to be a reminder of the illusion you were in, and you want none of it. Your relationship was all over social media and probably pissed a lot of singles, who just wanted to go through their day without looking at cheesy couples for once. But your breakup, just slips in, as quietly as possible. Ileana D’Cruz, too decided to take this route as she broke up with Andrew Kneebone.

Ileana has deleted all pictures of him and they both have unfollowed each other on Instagram. A source close to them revealed that they are not even in talking terms anymore. Apparently, making peace is not on their agenda – at least not at the moment. This is really disheartening because Ileana has been with the Australian photographer Andrew Kneebone since quite a few years.

Though her social media was proof of how much in love they were, she never really give a statement about their relationship status. However, after she posted a picture with him with the caption “Hubby” everyone speculated wildly that they were married. And it’s possible that they did marry, but we still don’t know for sure.

According to a report in Spotboye, the duo had a fight which led to irreconcilable differences between them. It’s surprising because just in July, Ileana had posted a warm birthday wish for him on Instagram.

A source close to the matter was quoted by the website as explaining that Ileana and Andrew are not on talking terms anymore and at this point no one wants to raise the white flag either. She wrote: “Happy Birthday you gorgeous man. Wish I could’ve been with you today but hey I kinda am.” Of course, that post is gone too. They were even spotted enjoying a lunch date in Bandra earlier this year.

In an earlier interview with IANS, Ileana had opened up about how her idea of love has changed. “I had a different perception of what a relationship or love is like. I was all giddy-headed and fairytale about it in my head, but it’s so different. There’s a lot of restraint that you’ve got to have, compromising in certain situations — and you’ve got to have a lot of respect,” Ileana expressed.

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Andrew, too had gone ahead and said cute things about Ileana. When an Instagram user asked him,“What is the one thing you dislike about Ileana but can’t tell her?” To this, he replied: “She looks so damn beautiful all the time… I mean sometimes I can’t get anything done because I just look at her and boom!… two hours pass.” We’re gonna wait it out and see if they reconcile.

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