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#ICYMI: News YOU Should KNOW This Week

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Had a busy week? If you haven’t had time to hit the news yet, then this is your chance. Catch up on the crazies that took place in the past 7 days, so that you don’t have to continuously face some major #FOMO.

1. Brace yourselves, ’cause guess who will be playing Nyla in The Lion King remake? Let’s just say she’s baaaeee. — [BBC UK]

2. This Victoria’s Secret bra costs HOW MUCH?!? Woah, that’s a lot of bling for your boobs! — [Elle India]

3. Did you get a chance to catch-up on the awesome birthday party SRK had? Here’s your chance! [Hauterfly]

4. Miss Peru witnessed a very empowering revelation, and it will leave you shocked! — [The Guardian]

5. Karlie Kloss has been caught wearing this accessory… and the world seems to love it! — [Refinery29]


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