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Huma Qureshi Shows Us How To Rock Highlighter Shoes And We Are So Inspired

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Highlighter accessories are shaping up to be one of the top trends of this season. Statement pop-coloured accessories paired with basic solid colours are brave contradictions fashionistas seem to be enjoying a lot. Ushered in with the neon trend (major runway moment!), highlighters come in many shapes and forms. Bags, heels, shoes and sometimes even danglers, you can add colour to your monotone outfit in a variety of ways.

If you are intimidated by the trend, we sympathise. This trend is not for the weak-hearted. You need to have Priyanka Chopra-level of confidence to step out in striking lemon yellow stilettos. But we seem to have found one way to turn it down a notch and try the trend for ourselves. Someone who we can relate to but one that still takes fashion risks. We are talking about Huma Qureshi.

It’s time to bid adieu to the classic white sneakers, we are going all out with colour, like her. What is Huma’s trick to look damn good in a pair of hot pink, shiny sneakers? The contrasting all-black outfit.

This wasn’t the only time Huma decided to go for this flamboyant shoe. She paired the same shoe with her travel clothes, fabulously comfy tights and a tee. Only sneakers have the power to help you transition from the airport to a fancy event. We are just glad it’s the glittery ones that are making the cut this season!

Have we convinced you yet? If not, these fabulous ones that you can wear all day every day should require no convincing from us.


Sliders With Bling

Sliders are a summer staple to wear at the beach, and sometimes the pool. These bling-y sliders can be paired with a nice little LBD on a casual evening as well.

Casual Coral

Fashion lovers who practically live at the gym need shoes like these to stand out once in a while. We love ourselves of coral sketchers that can we worn all day long!

The Flats Everybody Is Wearing

The flat sandals for work that go with everything are an underrated asset. These pointy toe flats are literally everywhere and we want one in blazing orange to wear with all of our pencil skirts.

High- Tops

Remember at thirteen when our parents were finally convinced to buy us cool Converse shoes? Calling all the Avril Lavigne fans to join us on our crusade to get statement-making, head-turning Converse shoes a thing!


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