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Hrithik Roshan Fanboyed Over Madhuri Dixit Real Hard And It’s Got Us All Going Aww

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Bollywood has been more than just movies for all of us. It has taught us so much we know about love, life and laughter. Not all of us have been right, but hey they are etched in our mind. And there are certain thing, genres if you will, that in our minds we have associated with someone from the industry. Like Amitabh Bachchan’s angry young man avatar that’s iconic or Govinda’s movies for their incredible comic timing, and most definitely Madhuri’s Dhak dhak song that completely turned the meaning of sensuality around on its head. And it looks like we may not be the only ones smitten by Madhuri’s Dixit’s charm and grace – actor Hrithik Roshan is also a huge fan!

The actor most recently met with Madhuri Dixit Nene on the sets of a dance show, Dance Dewaane, where he came to promote his upcoming film Super 30. And while we were hoping him to see and talk about his movie, the actor seemed to have melted and had a fanboy moment when he got to shake a leg with his long time crush, Madhuri. This actress looks like she hasn’t aged a day and her smile had ace actor Hrithik Roshan all weak in the knees, but can you really blame him?  The woman is a vision. In fact, if studies were to be done, with every time she sighs, a couple dozens probably fall at her feet. Including us.

Reminiscing about his previous interactions with the actress as an assistant on her movie Koyla, back in 1997, Hrithik was a puddle of mush in his Instagram post. He posted a picture with Nene, with the caption, “Dancing with Madhuri Dixit had me shuffling in my head between assistant and hero. Thank you mam for encouraging that clapper-boy, he still aspires to be your hero.”

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Dance mode 🔛⭐️💃🏻🕺

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Madhuri, in all her grace, replied by saying, “It’s wonderful to see your journey from a clapper-boy to a super talented actor and a super hero. Wishing you all the luck and success for your upcoming movie Super 30.” and later, uploaded the same picture on her feed as well. I guess if not all, some dreams do get true. Hrithik’s admiration for the dancing queen was so relatable at so many levels.

His upcoming film, Super 30 is slated to release on July 12 where the actor will be seen playing the role of Anand Kumar, a brilliant coach to students from economically weaker sections for the entrance exams of IIT.


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