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#HauteHack: Moisturiser Makes Dull Leather Look Fresh As New

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Leather is not only an expensive material it is also high maintenance. But if you’re the kind who likes the rugged look, then dull leather is what you need to wear. In fact, did you know that wearing leather during this season (i.e. monsoon) can enhance its ruggedness?

Personally, I steer clear from such a look; also, despite what fabric experts say, I am unsure of taking my leather goods out for a spin during this season. But when my favourite leather bag or shoe is stocked up in either my wardrobe or my shoe closet till it’s appropriate to be worn outside, I do take care of it. Why? Because the material is susceptible to mold and easily picks up odour. Also, dust can make it look extremely dull, making its shine fade away.

Let’s be honest, unlike other items of clothing, giving these goods for regular cleaning can cause a major dent in your pocket. And that’s why I thank god for the internet because I can find tried-and-tested fashion hacks that help save moolah for an extra cocktail on your next night out. With my weekly session of online scouting, I found this easier-than-ever hack on Pinterest, that will help leather look as fresh as new. And you know what the product to use here is? Moisturiser.

Aha! All you need for this simple trick is a moisturiser/body lotion that contains no oils or alcohol. Start by wiping your leather piece clean using a soft cloth that’s slightly dampened with soap-diluted water. Refrain from rubbing the surface too hard. Dry the bag/shoe by dabbing it with a cloth or paper towels. After this, generously add the moisturiser/body lotion to a soft  and dry cloth, and rub it thoroughly over the leather product. Voila! Your leather bag/boot is now as good as new.


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