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Here’s How To Tastefully Flaunt Some Cleavage Like A Movie Star

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Taking the plunge with a deep neckline can be daunting — you will either have your mom censoring whatever you’re trying to show, or even if you do manage to get past her, there’s always the fear of showing waaaay more that you intended to. However, in the past month we’ve spotted so many celebrities rocking the plunge in style — from Deepika Padukone at The xXx premiere to Priyanka Chopra and Emma Stone at The Golden Globe Awards. The red carpet was all about a tasteful cleavage show, and boy, did they do it in style. Flaunting your girls takes guts and a lot of skill, else you run the risk of getting banned for being too adult-rated. Whether you are part of the itty bitty titty club or have been blessed with a beautiful set of puppies, as a first-time flaunter, you will need to plunge with caution.

The first thing you need to keep in mind when wearing a plunging neckline is to be confident and less conscious about what you’ve worn. I know it’s very difficult when your girls are just staring at the world saying hello, but with time you will realise that if you’re comfortable, you won’t care about the stares. Secondly, find the right bra or adhesive cups… you have no clue how important the right support can be, especially if you have a fuller bust. Us small boobers can very easily get on board the no-bra parade (unless it’s nippy outside), but for others, it can be a little impractical. And your best friend during this style ordeal HAS to be double-sided tape. Trust me, it works wonders.

In terms of style, do not go overboard with the skin show to avoid crossing the line into sleazy territory. When flaunting things upstairs, keep things simple downstairs and balance it out. And if you’re feeling a little bare, remember to accessorise. Adding elements to your neck hides that plunge a little bit and leaves the right amount of focus on your cleavage. Again, the focus of your ensemble will be your chest, but without being too obvious. I mean, you can totally dress up your boobs by attempting to contour them — yes, it is a legit thing made famous by the Kardashians.

If you think your girls are ready to say hello to the world then check out our selection of the sexiest plunge ensembles you can wear this season!



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