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Here’s How You Can DIY Your Very Own Pom Pom Sandals!

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Ever since I saw a recent picture of Rihanna walking the streets of New York in those gorgeous Aquazzura pom pom tie-up sandals, I’ve been lusting after them with a passion that women reserve solely for fashion. The minute I saw them, I googled the pair and was delighted to discover that they were retailing at a whole host of international e-stores.

However, the only thing that stopped me from impulsively clicking “add to cart” and swiping my credit card right then and there was the exorbitant price tag. The shoes are gorgeous, there’s no doubt, but at over Rs 55k a pop that’s one EXPENSIVE obsession! Naturally, I instantly set out looking for cheaper options but nothing quite matched the fun and girly vibe of the original shoes.



Aquazzura Pom Pom-Embellished Raffia Sandals (Rs 55,900 approx)


That is until I stumbled upon Miss Enocha’s delightful little blog, Locks & Trinkets. The Los Angeles-based personal style blogger loves herself a little DIY challenge, and recently did a post recreating her version of the Aquazurra sandals I’m so in love with. Pom pom sandals are all the rage currently, so this is a great way to jump in on the trend by making your own pair, especially if you’re feeling those #UrbanPoor pangs.



Courtesy: Locks & Trinkets


Aquazurra’s white four-inch heels are embedded with fluffy, multi-coloured pom poms across the top and lace ends. And guess what? It’s not hard at all to DIY at home. All you need is a new (or old) pair of white tie-up sandals, some fabric glue, and yes, colourful pom poms!

Once you have all your materials in place, just go ahead and stick them on the strap and the ends of the tie-up strings the way you want. Give them a few hours rest to really adhere to the leather, and that’s really it. You have your very own pair of pom pom sandals to take out for a spin — at a quarter of the price and minimal effort!

If you’re still not convinced how easy this is, check out this video on how to DIY it at home:


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