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Here’s An Easy Cheat Sheet For Buying High Heels Online

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If there’s anyone who understands the dilemmas of an online shopping addict, it’s us here at Hauterfly. From being overwhelmed by choice to not having a fat bank balance to buy everything you want, or even the disappointment of not being completely satisfied with your purchase, we’ve all been through the emotional rollercoaster that is online shopping.

And if you’re a shoe lover like me, I know how apprehensive you get when buying high heels online. Not all high heels are built the same, and some get super uncomfortable within minutes. Add to that the dilemma of not being able to try before you buy, and you wonder whether it’s really worth the pain later on. However, I’ve discovered a simple trick that’ll ensure you buy comfortable heels from now on.

When it comes to high heels, it’s not just the heel height that determines how comfortable they are. A key factor is the incline of the heel, also called the pitch of the shoe, which affects the space between the heel and the foot sole. The greater the distance (i.e. atleast 3 cm), the more comfortable the heel.

Heels To Buy Online_Cheat Sheet Hauterfly

But how do you determine this while shopping online? Look for high heels that have a gentler slope. Then find two pairs with similar heel heights and measure the distance between the exterior sole and the heel by placing the measuring tape or ruler on your computer screen. The shoe that has the greater distance between the pitch is likely to be the more comfortable one.


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