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8 Secrets On How To Book Cheap Flights!

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Planning a vacation is fun, isn’t it? But what’s not so much fun is the meticulous planning that takes place beforehand. From scouring the internet for ideal places to visit, to finding out where to stay and finally, to booking your flight tickets, the process is endless. By the end of it, you can’t wait to reach your destination and just relax, can you?

But we’re here to try and ease the stress. We know how monotonous it can be to visit website after website trying to find the best flight deals. And let’s be honest, the later you book the higher the chances of ticket prices hitting the roof. This is why it becomes so difficult to find the perfect website or airline that offers you the best deal. To do this, you should know where to look. But that’s not all you need to know.

Booking a flight might be an endless process, but not if you know these nifty hacks. So sit back and read on to find out how you can snatch some amazing flight deals for yourself.

1. Follow The 24 Hour Rule

Don’t know what that is? Don’t worry. We’ll break it down for you. Once you book your flight ticket, make sure to visit the website the next morning and check the prices again. Usually, airline prices tend to drop even after you’ve booked your tickets. If the airfare has dropped, you can call and cancel your tickets and go on to re-book at a lower price.

2. Check Twitter & Facebook

Several airlines tend to take to social media to promote deals. Often, you will find them advertising some great steals and discounts. Some airlines even announce a special sale. Find a good deal? Snap it up, ASAP! These offers never last for too long.

3. Use Hopper

Hopper is a website that helps you decide on the best time to fly. It analyzes billions of flights, monitors ticket prices, and helps you find the best deals and the best time to fly out. It basically solves all your problems in one go.

4. Last Minute Trips

When an airline needs to fill up seats in the aircraft, they’ll sometimes drastically slash prices. This only goes to show that pre-planning doesn’t always work. Check airline prices on a Thursday or a Friday and book yourself a luxurious weekend getaway at steal deals.

5. Try Flying Out Early

We know this can be difficult, but not when it’s beneficial to your bank account. Usually, early morning flights turn out to be the cheapest. If you really really want to cut back on costs, try to take the earliest flight out. Those flights are definitely the cheapest.

6. Clear Your Browser Cookies

When you log on to a website to book your tickets, they begin to track visitor behaviour. If you’ve been visiting that site an awful lot, they can try and up their prices to eke out as much of a profit as they can. So turn off your browser cookies or switch on private browsing mode to avoid this.

7. Visit The Airline’s Actual Website

Most people overlook the importance of this. We all tend to surf different websites to find out what the best deals are. But many times the actual airline website will offer up a lot more deals and offers. Don’t miss out on these. Make sure you visit the airline websites as well.

8. Look For Deals In The Morning

Airlines tend to have the lowest rates in the mornings. So when you’re doing your research, do it in the mornings. You might just bag yourself a surprisingly decent rate!


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