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H&M Just Launched Online Shopping In India, And We Can’t Click Fast Enough

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H&M, our go to clothing store for basics and wardrobe staples is now online! Yes, you don’t have to make treks to various parts of the city to get your hands on some fun, on-trend pieces because now, you have to simply add to cart. We know our salary for next month is literally about to slip through our fingers. And a chunk of this month’s salary is probably going to be blown on the H&M website as well. Sigh. *prepares being broke plans*

Anyhoo, we hopped over to the H&M website within seconds of this news coming out (our browser has skid marks!), and here are some classic pieces we want for our wardrobe. We want more, but we shall be prudent. 

H&M Calf-length skirt

Calf-Length Skirt (Rs.2,299) 

H&M One-shoulder blouse

One-Shoulder Blouse (Rs.1,999 )

H&M Drawstring blouse

Drawstring Blouse (Rs.1,799 )

H&M Scallop-edged shopper

Scallop-Edged Shopper (Rs.1,799)

H&M Slip-On Trainers

Slip-On Trainers (Rs.1,799 )


H&M Earrings with tassels Earrings With Tassels (Rs.799 )

H&M Denim Shorts

Denim Shorts (Rs.1,799 )

H&M Super push-up bralette

Super-Push-Up Bralette (Rs.1,799 )

H&M Off-the-shoulder lace dress


Off-The-Shoulder Lace Dress (Rs.2,999 )



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