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H&M Is Not Airbrushing Their Models, And We’re So On Board!

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In a world where women are served unrealistic beauty standards on a platter, and imperfections are Photoshopped into oblivion, diversity and embracing yourself, is an up-and-coming cause that is gaining popularity and momentum.

The many differences between the retouched and raw photographs of women modelling for retail giants can be shocking! Yet young girls are aspiring to these impossible ideals.

With more and more plus-size models and celebrities raising an issue about the lack of products available to cater to larger body types, it’s easy for a brand to jump onto the inclusivity train. However, not many people speak of other body image issues such as cellulite, freckles, stretch marks and more.

There are several brands, such as ASOS, American Eagle, ModCloth and Missguided, that have sworn off airbrushing and Photoshopping imperfections of their models, and embraced a more natural approach. We were pleasantly surprised to see H&M join the au natural bandwagon as well. As we were scrolling through the swimsuits and lingerie section of the brand, we happened to notice some rather relatable imperfections on women who were modelling their products.

Shopping online can be soul-crushing, not only because your pockets end up with a major dent in them, but also because the heavily-edited bodies of the models can leave a dent in your self-esteem and confidence. So to see a series of models appear on my laptop screen in an au natural state was rather refreshing and reassuring! Check out some of these incredible pictures of models with raw and all-natural unshaved arms, freckles and stretch marks from the H&M website!

More power to you, H&M! Here’s hoping some Indian brands seek inspiration from the retail giant, and get on board with this body-positive movement as well.


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