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H&M Tells You Exactly What You Need To Do With Your Old Clothes

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Another reason to love H&M — the giant fashion retailer is now raising awareness about recycling your garments. We all have a shelf which is home to all our favourite clothes we don’t wear anymore — either we’ve worn them till the death of the garment literally did us apart, or it simply went out of style and, besides donating, all that’s left to do is throwing it away. Well, not anymore! H&M’s ‘Bring It’ campaign works precisely to eliminate garments hitting the landfill. Stained or ripped, discoloured or out-of-shape, if you have a soft corner for your clothing, then parting with them is probably heartbreaking for you…but isn’t it an even bigger waste if it simply ends up in a landfill. By encouraging you to avoid thrashing your garments, we think this video will probably make you feel as bad as we do about getting rid of clothes the wrong way.



The film gives you an insight into the fate of these pieces after you recycle them through H&M’s garment collecting initiative, showing you how the lifespan of the material can be increased. This is the second feather in the retailer’s sustainable fashion hat — in 2014, they had introduced the ‘Close The Loop’ collection, which was made entirely of recycled textile fibres of used denim. This is pretty much a win-win situation girls — get rid of the hoarder within you and make some space by sending off your clothes to H&M instead of the dump!


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