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What Our Favourite International Bloggers Wore During Fashion Month

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Ah, fashion month. Where all anyone talks about is what to eat between shows and where they bought their cute #ootds. If you’ve ever been to fashion week anywhere in the world, you’ll notice one thing pretty much anywhere you go. It’s the fashion bloggers dressed in the season’s IT trends, strutting their stuff for a street-style photographer. Sometimes it makes you wonder whether the show is happening on the runway or on the street outside!

Either way, it’s all very glamorous and, when it comes to the International fashion weeks, I find myself looking out for what the bloggers wore more than what’s on the runway — I know, go figure!

So, while the trend reports show you all the hits from the runway, here are all the hits from the streets at fashion week.

Song Of Style

Sure, they’ll wear jeans and a chic top to fashion week.


But the couture dresses aren’t too far behind.


The Blonde Salad

They can make cut-off shorts look like a million bucks.


And wear what looks like a pair of boxers like it ain’t no thang!



Comfort is definitely key.


And they know that going oversized is the best way to do it.



They definitely go a bit overboard sometimes.


And quite often, you don’t know whether to love them or hate them.


Dani Song

Black is ALWAYS in fashion.


But a little white goes a long way too.


Style Heroine

Some of their outfits definitely look like they belong on the runway!


And if you need anymore proof about black being the best option, here’s another shot!


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