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#HauteHacks: Preventing Chafing Couldn’t Be Any Easier!

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Summer is here, which means out come the breezy clothes and the heat sweats. As much as we coax ourselves into believing that we still have glimpses of a winter breeze, deep within we know this isn’t true. It’s time to finally admit that the Indian summers have us all…and boy, are they bad. So bring out those shorts, crop-tops, and tanks, because besides hovering around an air conditioner, we aren’t going to survive this blaze. Downsizing your clothes just makes life so much better — it’s airy and definitely keeps you cool.

But what happens when it gets too hot and you start to sweat, eventually chafing each and every part of your body? Chafing is painful, it makes your skin all blotchy and red and, worst of all, it makes you feel super uncomfortable. Like seriously?! Be it chafing of thighs whilst wearing shorts, chafing your underboob thanks to that bra, or even chafing your underarms because of your sleeves — at the end of the day, it just leaves sore at the wrong places. So when something like this happens, how can you avoid it…without giving up on your awesome airy situation?

Enter the world’s most wonderful hack! Deodorant. It not only makes you smell good but also works wonders to prevent chafing. All you need is a deodorant stick. Rub a little product on those spots that usually rub and become rather tender. The silicone in the deodorant gives your skin that slip and slide that it needs, and the antiperspirant properties work on moisture, keeping things dry mostly.

Are you going to try it this summer? Let us know in the comments below!


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