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10 Cool Bags You Can Take From The Boardroom To The Bar

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Bags and shoes are 2 things that can become obsessions for every girl — I mean, you can NEVER EVER have enough of them, right? After all, a bag or a pair of shoes will always be the perfect fit.

To any woman, a handbag is a must-have essential. There is a saying that if you look into a woman’s bag, you can get a glimpse of her soul.

Okay, so maybe not the soul entirely, but the contents of a woman’s handbag can tell you a whole lot about her.

Especially, if it is a bag she carries to work!

Working from 9-t0-5, day in and day out, you tend to lug around most of your entire life. Books, wallet, phone, makeup, emergency tablets, hand cream, earphones, charger — umm yeah, basically your entire desk is swooped into your handbag.

And no matter how big or small your bag is, you will somehow manage to squeeze in all your essentials.

Also, word of advice, losing your phone or keys amongst all your crap in the black hole of your bag will always be a constant, even if you think you’re super organised, compartments in your bag and all.

Carrying around a minimalistic handbag with a seamless design, and a neat and clean stitch can give your entire ensemble that professional touch it requires.

So invest in a subtle yet stylish handbag that will complete your office look and is also versatile enough to complement your everyday wear.

We’ve picked out 10 minimalistic bags that will up your office game!


Handbags for work_Hauterfly 2

Accessorize Multi-Coloured Handbag (Rs 5,645)


Handbags for work_Hauterfly 3

Sugarush White & Purple Floral Print Handbag (Rs 1,349)

Handbags for work_Hauterfly 4

New Look Dusty Pink Striped Shoulder Bag (Rs 2,639)

Handbags for work_Hauterfly 5

Chelsea 28 Tropical Applique Faux Leather Tote (Rs 3,667 approx)


Handbags for work_Hauterfly 6

Zara Reversible Tote Bag (Rs 1,990)

Handbags for work_Hauterfly 7

Zara Tote Bag (Rs 1,990)

Handbags for work_Hauterfly 9

Mango Metallic Handbag Tote Bag (Rs 3,590)


Handbags for work_Hauterfly 9

Lisa Haydon for Lino Perros Textured Handbag with Sling Strap (Rs 1,497)

Handbags for work_Hauterfly 10

Lino Perros Women’s Hobo (Rs 1,535)

Handbags for work_Hauterfly

Ginger By Lifestyle Grey Handbag (Rs 1,799)


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